Coming to a mouth near you…

Salt Beef is at the heart of what we offer at Mercer & Co. Whether you’re a traditionalist who likes theirs in a bagel with a gherkin and a bit of mustard or modernist who wants it in a cheese toast with mounds of sauerkraut – we’ve got an option for you.

Now, if you’re no expert to salt beef – you’ll be forgiven for thinking that all Salt Beef is equal but did you know that most eateries offering Salt Beef on their menu, simply buy it in and heat it up?

You won’t find that here at Mercer & Co. Everything we do is “home-grown” and we’ve been perfecting our Salt Beef recipe for months so you can be sure you’re getting a truly unique Salt Beef experience.  Want to know more? We’ll let the food do the talking. Pop in today and try our amazing salt beef, but be sure to get there early before it’s all sold out!